Heartour is the creative outlet/alter ego of popular Los Angeles based band The Ruse’s drummer Jason Young. Having been a member of touring bands since he was a teenager, Young began recording solo material as Heartour in 2002. Ever since the first release in 2003 (Three), Young has been extra prolific, in addition to producing and performing with The Ruse he has dropped a full solo album every couple years.

Heartour’s progressive Electronic sound has grown by leaps and bounds with each project. However it was not until 2009’s Ate that he began to believe that he had something more than a pet project. The positive fan and critical feedback made it clear that the music he was making had a space in the marketplace. With renewed energy and new ideas Young released his best work to date in early 2011 in the form of Submarine Sounds.

With the freedom and ability to produce, write and perform all instruments, Heartour decided to make a completely digital album. Taking full advantage of the litany of music technology on the market, he purposefully negated live instruments giving the album a heavily synthesized 1980’s sounding vibe. The sound resonates so much so that it also influenced the albums title. “It sort of has this underwater feel to it with all the reverbs and squishy tones” says Heartour. He plans to release at least two videos supporting the project in the coming months.

Heartour has successfully harnessed a fun, eclectic and outside the box sound that everyone should hear.

“Building on the creative foundation from the last three Heartour albums ‘Submarine Sounds’ goes much deeper, explores new sonic textures, and draws you in. It makes me want to move and it moves me.”

-Craig Sneiderman Live Nation

“This voice guides you through songs that are at turns full of contagious energy, beautifully plaintive reflection and dreamy vignettes offering delightful little glimpses into Heartour’s strange and wonderful world. The understated melodies work themselves into the deep recesses of your subconscious, bubbling to the surface in faint but persistent ways many hours and days later. I am a fan.”

-Evan Field Honor By August


Heartour “Submarine Sounds” 2011
The Ruse “Love Sex Confusion” 2010
Heartour “Ate” 2009
The Ruse “Midnight In The City” 2008
The Ruse “Live At The Viper Room” 2007
Heartour “Five” 2006
The Ruse “Light In Motion” 2006
The Ruse “Invasion” 2005
After Bliss “Without You” 2003
Heartour “Three” 2003
Another Band “Turned On” 2002
Category 5 “Exit Botnation” 1998
Category 5 “It All Comes Back Again” 1997
Mock Turtle Soup “Sticky as a tree frog” 1996
Mock Turtle Soup “Seaography” 1995